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  • PICK UP ~ 8 AM






  • RETURN BACK ~ 6.00 PM

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1-day tour, Doi Sutthep Temple + Sticky Waterfalls                      from 1.400 thb per person


The Doi Sutthep Temple is on everyone’s travel list these days, our tour guide takes you through this temple and tells you about the fascinating history of the temple and the Buddha. After visiting this breathtaking temple, you still have the chance to enjoy a local lunch on the top of the mountain while enjoying the scenic views, walk around in a Hmong hill tribe village and relax and take a dip in the Sticky waterfall, or choose to climb it!

This tour is ideal for the traveler who is short on time but wants to soak up the culture, history, and nature of Chiang Mai.




1.400 thb 



1.700 thb 



2.500 thb 



4.500 thb 



— Alexandra Delgado

What a fantastic day we have had with Daro! Great and friendly guide, lots of knowledge about the environment and nature. A must do for anyone who wants to experience a different, beautiful experience in chiangmai. Thank you very much! And the food was lekker :) 










This trip is well organized but relaxed. In order to give you the best experience and maximum time doing your preferred activities, there’s not a set schedule. We are flexible to accommodate a different order should you want to spend more time on an activity or change your schedule. The day may feel less structured than what you’re used to but rest assured, you’ll get a chance to experience everything!

We will pick you up from your accommodation or any convenient location in Chiang Mai city. Pick-up time ~8:00 am.

The Buddhist Wat Phra That Doi Sutthep temple is one of the sacred and most important temples in Chiang Mai, established in 1383. The temple is located on the top of Doi Sutthep mountain and offers a beautiful view over Chiang Mai. The tour guide will explain more about the (Buddhist) history and explains how we offer flowers to Buddha and pray. You might even get blessed by a monk at the temple!


Time to take a break and relax! We will have lunch near the Bua Tong waterfalls.

The Bua Tong waterfalls with 5 different layers are scenic against the backdrop of the lush green forest. The water comes up from a natural spring, and it has such high levels of dissolved minerals that it coats the rocks and tree roots in limestone. They call them the “Sticky waterfalls” because it's easy to climb due to their grip. It is possible to climb all the way up to the waterfall which makes this waterfall very unique and popular!

After that, we will head back down to Chiang Mai and drop you off at your accommodation around approximately 6:00 pm.










  • How can I book a tour?
    To book a tour you can fill out a booking form on our website. Click on the ‘Book now' button on the page and you will be redirected to a booking form. Fill out the form and submit it. We will be in touch as soon as we can. If the booking form gives you any trouble, please send us an email with a booking inquiry to and include the tour start date, tour name or link to the tour on our website, and the number of guests in your group. We will get in touch with you as soon as we can.
  • Can we pre-book the tours from oversea ?
    Pre-Bookings can be made worldwide via e-mail, our contact form, or on our website ( We recommend you book in advance. We always run private tours, many tours have limited space and will sell out sometimes before you arrive at your destination.
  • How can I pay?
    We request a deposit payment at the time of your booking in order to confirm your booking. As soon as your deposit is paid, your booking is confirmed and we start booking your activities, transportation, guide, and accommodation. We will send an invoice with a PayPal link by email. PayPal payments are always secure and possible with a credit card (processed by PayPal). No PayPal account is needed. Click here to transfer a deposit with PayPal We would like to ask you to pay the rest of the amount in Thai Baht to your tour guide at pick-up (before the tour starts).
  • Do's and dont's in Thailand
    The Thai culture and habits are still practiced widely by its people, especially in the rural areas in Northern Thailand. As a traveler you may find it difficult to navigate the many cultural norms of Thai culture. You don’t have to worry, you can always ask your tour guide if something is appropriate. This are some Do's and Don'ts for first timers in Thailand: - Greet with the 'Wai'. The people in Thailand greet and thank each other with a 'wai', instead of shaking hands. A wai consist of a slight bow with your hand palms pressed together. - No shoes allowed indoors It's polite to take your shoes out before entering a house or a temple in Thailand. - Remember the sacred and taboo parts of your body: head and feet. The head is the most sacred and cleanest part of the body, it's offensive to the Thai people if you touch their head or hair. Your feet are the lowest and filthiest part of the body, never show the soles of your feet to anybody, or use your feet to point at something or step over something. - Be culturally sensitive. If you spend some time in local (tribal) villages, a village school or a Buddhist temple, you should consider more modest clothing that covers your shoulders and knees.
  • What do I need to pack?
    The less luggage you have to carry around, the more you enjoy the tour, so keep it simple. You should always pack a light backpack with essentials that you need during the activities/tour. Here is a recommended packing guideline for a 2-day trek: - Shoes with a good grip - Mosquito repellent - Towel - Swimwear - towel - Comfortable clothing/clothes that cover your knees and shoulders to visit temples and the local villages - Change of new clothes - Torchlight - Overnight wear - Sunscreen - Toilet paper - Fully charged devices - Cash for personal expenses
  • How do I pack according to the season?
    The cold season is from November untill February, temperatures can drop as low as 5 Celsius overnight in the mountains, so be prepared with warm clothes! During the raining season (April untill October) a poncho which can also cover your backpack will be worthwhile to bring along.We recommend stuffing your belongings into a dry bag inserted inside your backpack to protect your valuables from the rain.
  • Where do you pick us up/drop us off?
    All tour prices are included pick-up/drop-off. We can pick you up and drop you off at your accommodation, at a bus or train station, at the airport, or at a convenient meeting point. If you require a pickup or drop-off outside of Chiang Mai city, we can organize it for you, but additional charges will apply.
  • What is the transport like?
    You will be picked up by your tour guide directly from your hotel or guest house. Transport to and from the activities will be by an SUV car (7 seater with airconditioning). However, if you are in a group that's bigger than 6 persons we can also offer you a van.
  • What do we do with the baggage?
    You can ask your hotel or guesthouse to store your luggage in their office. Most of the hotels and guesthouses in Chiang Mai offer this service. However, it is also possible to bring your luggage with you. We will store it in the car during activities, and transfer it to your accommodation afterwards. Please let us know beforehand if you want to bring your luggage with you so we can prepare this for you.
  • Do the tour guides speak English? Who are they?
    Our tour guides are English-speaking and TAT (Tourist Authority of Thailand) trained and certified. The tour guides are natives of the area you will trek in and most of the time speak a few different languages (Karen, Thai, English, Shan). They share a love for nature and culture. Our experienced, friendly, and knowledgeable tour guides are the driving force behind Daro Tours!
  • What kind of food do we eat?
    Main meals are either served at our accommodation or in a local restaurant where your guide selects a delicious variety of local cuisine with rice. Nutrition is important on our adventure tours so there is always plenty of food including fruits and vegetables. If you book an overnight stay, the tour guide prepares a Western/Asian breakfast for you with seasonal food. We can prepare vegetarian, vegan meals, and more. Let us know what your dietary requirements are in advance and we will make sure to prepare appropriate meals for you.
  • Is the tour suitable for children?
    Northern Thailand is a fantastic destination for families with kids. The customized (family) tours we offer include outdoor activities which most of the kids love! From soft adventures and opportunities for cultural exploration, nature and animals, making a campfire in the jungle and swimming in a waterfall. There are plenty things to keep the children entertained!
  • What is the accomodation like?
    With the multiple-day tours, we stay overnight in hill tribe villages, which is a basic yet wonderful experience. Most houses and homestays are traditionally built on stilts, usually using split bamboo or wood for walls and floors. Chickens, pigs, and cattle are kept around the house at night. The houses usually consist of 1-2 rooms, one of which is used as a sleeping compartment. We sleep on thin mattresses on the floor. Mosquito nets are provided at most of the accommodations, as well as bedding. Washing and toilet facilities are also basic and situated outside the main accommodation.
  • Are there ATMs?
    We recommand to use one of the ATMs in the city. During the tour there is limited access to ATM's. Please tell your tour guide before you leave that you want to visit an ATM.
  • What are the risks involved with a tour/trekking? Do I need a personal travel insurance?
    Trekking in this part of Thailand is very safe and accidents are very rare, but still safety is always a priority. We provide a very limited coverage accident insurance. It is advised that you have your own comprehensive medical insurance. Make sure the insurance contract covers 'accident' and stipulates no restriction of outdoor activities such as mountain biking, cycling or trekking. We require our customers to sign a 'liability release' form before trip departure, stating their agreement to absolve all responsibility from the tour operator and/or its affiliates for any causes. Participants are fully responsible for eventual damages to the equipment used during the trip.
  • Do you provide an insurance?
    We provide accident insurance (limited coverage) for every traveler for the duration of the booked trip. For your insurance, we will need the following information: Full name, gender, age, nationality, and passport number. It is advised that you have your own comprehensive medical insurance. Make sure the insurance contract covers 'accident' and stipulates no restriction on outdoor activities such as mountain biking, cycling, or trekking.
  • Do I get a refund in case of cancellation?
    We cannot refund a full amount in a case of tour cancellation. As soon as we receive your deposit payment, we start booking your activities, transportation, guides, and accommodation and these bookings are not refundable. We do however offer a partial refund on canceled bookings as follows: If you cancel your booking at least a week (seven days) before your tour is scheduled to start and you have paid a 30% deposit for the booking, we will refund 50% of the deposit paid. If you cancel your booking at least a week (seven days) before your tour is scheduled to start and you have already paid the full tour price, we will refund 85% of the full price of your tour. If you cancel your booking less than a week (seven days) before your tour is scheduled to start and you have paid a 30% deposit for the booking, we will retain your deposit. If you cancel your booking less than a week (seven days) before your tour is scheduled to start and you have already paid the full tour price, we will refund 70% of the full price of your tour. Please send us a request for a refund to
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