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Please read the terms and conditions carefully. By accessing or using, booking any tours or services on this website, or contacting Daro Tours, you agree that the Terms and Conditions then in force shall apply. If you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions, please do not use or make bookings through this website.


1.1 Daro Tours offer a variety of trekkings, tours, and services through its website (
1.2 You agree to be legally bound by these terms by using, booking any tours or services of Daro Tours, or contacting Daro Tours.



2.1 You can book a tour/service with us through our website or by writing to Daro Tours by e-mail.  
2.2 Once we received your booking request, we will inform you about the pricing and availability of the tour/service.

2.3 We will send you an invoice for a deposit of 30%. Deposit is non-refundable, as it will cover our booking fees and expenses. 

2.4 Participation in a tour will be confirmed after reception of booking deposit only.
2.5 To finalize arrangements for tours/services we also require a filled-out booking form. We will send the form in an email,
and will need it returned at least 24 hours before the tour starts, except for last minute bookings. 
2.6 You will receive your itinerary by email at least a day before your tour starts, unless you are making a last-minute booking and this is not possible.
2.7 In your itinerary you can check the details carefully, It is your responsibility to make sure your itinerary and receipt are correct. 
2.8 You have to pay the other 70% In THB at pick up to your guide/driver. If you do not pay the full amount at pick up,
we are entitled to cancel your tour.
2.9 The deposit must be received by Daro Tours at least 15 days before the tour or service begins.

2.10 Payments can be made via PayPal or online by credit card. 
2.11 Additional transfer and PayPal fees must be covered by the customer. 

3.1 Daro Tours will endeavor to pick you up on time at the designated location specified on your invoice/itinerary.
Please check that all the details on your itinerary/invoice are correct. It is your responsibility to make sure the tour
dates and times are stated correctly.
3.2 Let us know your pick-up details at least 24 hours prior to the tour start date. If Daro Tours do not receive pick-up
details from you at least 24 hours prior to the start of the tour, we cannot guarantee that you will be picked up at the
time indicated on your itinerary.
3.3 It is your responsibility to make sure that you provide Daro Tours the correct arrival information. 
Please state clearly at which guesthouse, hotel, bus station, airport, or train station you require pick up. 
3.4.1  If we have to pick you up at a hotel or guesthouse, we will need accommodation’s name, address, room number,
and contact number. It’s the customer's responsibility to provide us with the full name and full address of the hotel/guesthouse. If you provide us with only the name of the hotel/guesthouse, we will search online for an address of the hotel you stated. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure we have the correct address. 
3.4.2 If we have to pick you up at a bus station, we will require the name of the bus station, bus number, company,
and estimated time of arrival.
3.4.3 If we have to pick up at the train station, we will require train number, and estimated time of arrival.
3.4.4 If we have to pick up at the airport, we will require a port of embarkation (please state clearly if you are arriving
with a domestic or international flight), name of airline, flight number, and estimated arrival time.

3.5 If we did not receive pick up information as stated in points 3.4.1 – 3.4.4, we cannot guarantee pick up.
We reserve the right to cancel the transfer service and the transfer fee will be charged to the customer. 
3.6 When the customer is not at the designated location at the designated time, stated in the invoice/itinerary,
Daro Tours reserves the right to cancel the transfer service. The transfer fee will be charged to the customer. Additional charges
for re-scheduling new transport service will also apply. 
3.7.1 Pick up and drop off are included in the price of your tour, they are free of charge in the Chiang Mai city area.
If you would like Daro Tours to pick you up/drop off at a location outside of Chiang Mai city area; additional charges will apply. 
3.7.2 If you would like your driver to take you off the route specified in your itinerary; additional charges will apply.


4.1 At the time of booking, you will be asked to pay a 30 % deposit. Refunds will be made to your PayPal account or credit card.
4.2 In case of cancelation by client(s):

4.2.1  If you cancel your tour/stay with us 14+ days prior to tour start/arrival date you will lose 50% of the amount we hold.
There will be no additional refund fee.
4.2.2 if you cancel your tour/stay with us 7- days prior to tour start date, no refund will be made. 
4.3.1 If your tour/stay is already paid in full, and you cancel it:
4.3.2     - 14+ days prior to tour start/arrival date you will lose 15% of the amount we hold. 
4.3.3     - 7- days prior to tour start/arrival date you will lose 30% of the amount we hold. 
4.4 All requests for refunds must be made in writing and sent to our company e-mail.

4.5 On the Daro Tours side, once we have received a deposit, there is a little reason that we should cancel the tour, however,
Daro Tours reserve the right to cancel any tour at any time. In such case all payment/deposit already made will constitute full
settlement with the participants. 


5.1 Due to the emergency situation that the country is facing due to Covid-19, we have adopted some measures with regard to the refund procedures for cancellations. 
5.2 The customer has 2 options for cancellation due to the Covid-19 emergency situation:  
5.2.1 A partly refund as stated in our cancelation policy 4.
5.2.2 A voucher of equal value of the amount we hold. 
5.3 You can receive a voucher by sending an email to Please provide us with your full name in the email and the date you booked a tour with us.
5.4 The voucher is valid for a maximum of 12 months and redeemable for a new booking.


6.1 Due to the nature of most of our adventure tours, participants must be aware of the hazards which may be associated
with the activities.
 Therefore, we strongly recommend you to carry your own insurance. Participants agree to accept the
authority of the guide/leader throughout the tour.



7.1 Daro tours shell not be held responsible for costs/missed opportunities due to changes of cancellations of the program as
a result of Force Majeure.

7.2 Force majeure is defined as an event beyond the control of the operator. Including but not limited to, war hostilities,
riot or civil commotion, epidemic, pandemic, earthquake, flood or other natural disasters.


8.2 Once your tour/service with us has started, the order and timing of activities, as well as departure time, can be changed:
8.3 If we evaluate that current weather, road, and traffic conditions are not suitable. In that case, we will discuss itinerary
changes with you. No extra charges will apply.
8.4 If your arrival/departure time changes, we will re-evaluate your itinerary, and inform you of any necessary changes.
Extra charges might apply.
8.5 If you make a request to change the itinerary, we will try to honor that request at no additional charge; however additional transportation/staff charges might apply.
8.6 If due to traffic, weather, road conditions, guests’ pace, and similar circumstances, there is a need for exempting some
activities from the itinerary, customers are not entitled to a refund.
8.7.1 You can request to shorten/lengthen your tour/service once your tour / service has already started:
8.7.2 Lengthening of tour / service and adding additional services/activities are subject to availability.
We will try to accommodate your wishes. Additional charges will apply.
8.7.3 We will honor your request to shorten your tour/service and make arrangements for transportation and staff required.
You are not entitled to a refund, either partial or full. Extra charges for transportation/staff might apply.
8.8 If you decide to skip any activities in the itinerary, you are not entitled to a refund, either partial or full.
8.9 If we are unable to provide an activity/service from the itinerary, you are entitled to a partial refund. To receive a refund, a request must be made in writing to


9.1 In case you decide to stop during a tour for any reason of the pre-arranged program, no refund will be made for
unused portions of the services or tour arrangements.


cancelation policy
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