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Our experienced group of local tour-guides

Daro tours is founded by Damrong Katu in 2018. "I started as a tour operator, not only because we love Northern Thailand and its beautiful nature, but also to connect you with our local communities and nature in an authentic way." Daro tours is working together with local tour guides and people from hill-tribe villages in Northern Thailand.
This way you support tourism in regions with not many paid jobs when you book a tour with us. 

Our team is made up of well-experienced, English-speaking guides who are certified by the
Tourism Authority of Thailand with a TAT license. 
All profits raised by Daro Tours remain in our local communities.

Tour-guide / driver

Anan comes from a village called Baan Muang ngam in Mae-Ai. Anan is also Karen (an ethnic minority group) and loves to learn new languages. The district where he is from offers a home to a variety of hill-tribes living close to one another. Anan knows a lot about the different hill-tribe groups and can speak several hill-tribe languages such as Akha, Lahu, and Lisu. 

Anan is a very passionate tour guide and likes to share his knowledge about the different lifestyles and the way of life of the hill tribes in Northern Thailand.


Tour-guide / co-founder

"What I love about my job is giving people an unforgettable experience they will never forget in their lifetime. 
I am born in a small rural,
self-sufficient Karen village in Wiang Haeng. Nature is very important to us. As a kid, we learned to hunt and make tools from bamboo and other natural materials in the village."

Daro his passion for his culture and nature sent him on a different journey after he graduated in plant science.
He decided to become a tour guide so he could show the people how important our connection with nature is. ​


Tour guide / driver


Susin (Jacky) was born in a small Karen village In Wiang Haeng, near the Myanmar border. Working as a tour guide for more than 20 years, hundreds of people have experienced the magic jungle with Jacky, some for one 1 day, and others for 2-week trekking. Jacky is a very knowledgeable tour guide that can tell a lot about Thailand's history and Buddhism. 

"My passion is to show our lush jungles to everyone and tell more about the wildlife & hill tribe cultures in Northern Thailand. 


Moh-moh is Daro his mother.
A strong and very caring woman. She loves to cook and eat seafood dishes. 


No information available.


No information available.


Nong first is Daro his cousin 
and loves to show other 
children his chickens and 

spiders in the jungle. 


Pa-Mee is a quiet man that likes to surprise you with his jokes. He loves to try new foods and hear stories about different cultures. Pa-Mee speaks the old Karen language during ceremonies. The younger Karen generation can't speak this language anymore. 


Two very knowledgeable people. Pooh knows a lot about medicinal herbs. Phi likes to dance (traditional Karen) and weave traditional Karen clothes. 

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